Sunday, October 30, 2011

Compline: a free app for learning the Liturgy of the Hours, the night prayer

The Roman Catholic Church has two great prayers to be said by the faithful: the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.  Until I went through the School for Pastoral Ministry at the Oakland Diocese, I had not heard of the Liturgy of the Hours.  This is a prayer form you can do on your own, or with a group, or organize for your parish church.

This free app gives you the night prayer, "Compline", which is centuries old.  Compline is the last prayer said at night, and reflects back over the day just past.  The folks at give a full explanation on their website.

The Compline app has the prayers in writing and in audio, so you can pray the responses along with the readers.  Nice way to learn if you are not familiar with these prayers.

Website for Divine Office:

Apple App Store page:

Cost: Free

Where I Found It: iTunes

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