Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Busting the Over Population Myth: Catholic Scientist Sets Record Straight

The Catholic Laboratory podcast is a wonderful program put on by a Catholic scientist.

In episode 24, Ian Maxfield systematically and logically refutes common myths about over-population. This is important for Pro-Life because all of these over-population myths are used as arguments for abortion and infanticide the world over.

Did you know that we have enough clean drinking water and food and living space on planet Earth? The key is the distribution. First world over-consumption and food waste play their part, as well. And don't forget oppressive regimes and their human rights abuses.

Ian Maxfield provides a detailed and careful analysis of this complex issue -- don't take my word for it -- go listen to episode 24 of "The Catholic Laboratory" podcast.

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  1. Haha yes! I totally agree. I don't like how the media and our professors try to convince the young minds of America that family is a burden and is not to be desired. Just the other day my professor made a comment that implied families with more than three kids were ignorant. Also the sierra club forbids their members from having more than two kids for environmental issues.
    I will be blogging about this issue soon at