Thursday, May 7, 2009

Get Ready for Changes in the Mass! New Translation from Latin to English!

Start preparing yourself, your family and your fellow parishioners for the new translation of the Roman Catholic missal from Latin into English. This is going to be great! We'll all have to think about what we are saying during Mass for a few months!

But the "changes" will probably bother some folks since we are all now used to saying all the English memorized responses during Mass. I recommend that you learn so that you can help others.

What is coming are not really changes to the liturgy -- what is changing is merely the translation from Latin into English; our current Mass in English is not very accurate. Hey, back in the 1970's the Church was awfully busy translating the Latin missal into every language on Earth!

Here are websites that talk about the new English translation from the Latin in detail:

I think this is a terrific idea -- but I also hope that every parish gives orientation lectures to explain what's going on so people aren't thrown by the change. The changes will not roll out until 2010, but this really needs to be understood, welcomed and embraced now.

Remember -- it's only a new translation from the Latin, not a brand new liturgy.

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  1. Example: The congregation's response to "The Lord be with you" will now be: "And with your spirit" -- not "And also with you." The original Latin reads: "Et cum spiritu tuo" which will now be correctly translated.