Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bring the Holy Bible with You on the Go! Bible Software for PDAs and iPhones and Smartphones and . . .

Don't have time to read the Bible? Think again!

Easy to use, inexpensive PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and cell phone versions of the Bible abound!

I am steadily working my way through the book of Sirach just standing in line at grocery store checkout lines, airport lines, etc. Psalms and Proverbs also are fun to ponder when I'm stuck somewhere like the dentist's waiting room. I did a quick Google search on "Bible PDA Catholic" and "Bible iPhone Catholic" and found several good sources. Here are a few:

Olive Tree: Bible Software for PDA, iPhone, iTouch, Smartphone, Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry, HP iPaq, Nokia, just about everything
Search on "Catholic" to locate translations of the Bible that have the complete Old Testament and study notes from a Catholic perspective. Olive Tree has the New American Bible (NAB) that is currently proclaimed during Mass in the United States, the Catholic Youth Bible, notes from the Catholic Study Bible, and other translations with complete Old Testaments. (Remember, a few hundred years ago, Protestant leaders removed content from the Old Testament so be sure to get a Catholic Bible).

I have the Olive Tree version of the entire Holy Bible (both Old Testament and New Testament) on my HP iPaq in two translations with some commentary. Works great. The search tools are extremely handy: I can jump to any verse in any book, and search for specific words -- I find this very useful when I lead RCIA Inquiry sessions and we want to look something up. I have the ENTIRE Holy Bible in TWO translations -- and it takes up a small fraction of the memory in my iPaq.

The New American Bible for iPhone This page seems to be the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops approved New American Bible in iPhone format. (I don't have an iPhone myself, so cannot check).

Catholic Bible, Bookmarks, and Notes
I easily found Bible software on Amazon by searching for "Bible Catholic software"

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