Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catholic Priests Are Podcasting!

You just got music on that iPod? You're missin' out!

The Internet is full of excellent and FREE Catholic podcasts. Here are fantastic Catholic podcasts that you can locate through "iTunes" by searching on the title. The webpage of each podcast is also listed:

"Catholic:Under the Hood" ( Fr. Seraphim Beshoner, a Franciscan priest, podcasts about the Pope, the Bible, Catholic spirituality, theology, history, news and even the latest movies. Faithful as well as entertaining.

"Daily Breakfast with Fr. Roderick" ( The best way to wake up in the morning with comments on news around the Catholic world, theology, a Catholic take on TV, movies and videogames, and just plain inspiration. This is the most popular Catholic podcast on the Internet.

"iPadre Catholic Podcasting >> iPadre Podcast" ( Fr. Jay A. Finelli starts out with great Christian music, then dives into a solid Catholic discussion from saints to what are angels to theological challenges like excommunication. Very orthodox and informative.

"Daily Readings from the New American Bible" ( by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Hear the readings from our liturgical cycle every day!

What is a "podcast"? A "podcast" is just like a radio show, but is transmitted over the Internet. It is better, because you can listen whenever you want to, and you can get past episodes. You can start listening today right from your computer -- just click. WIth the investment of some time, you can copy the programs onto audio CDs. Or, download shows to a portable "mp3" player and take them with you! What is an "mp3" player? Ask the nearest teenager or the friendly folks at Radio Shack or go to

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