Sunday, September 4, 2011

Life and Dignity Sunday: If you're a voter, please sign up!

Our Bishops are asking all Catholic voters to sign up with the Catholic Legislative Network.

The CLN sends out Action Alerts when legislation with moral implications is on the floor of the House, or the Senate, or a State Legislature.  At such a time, we, the Catholic voters, need to contact our legislators immediately.

Recent pieces of legislation include the protection of the conscience rights of health care workers (i.e., to allow Catholic doctors and other healthcare workers to refuse to conduct abortions, euthansia, or physician-assisted suicide) and also to prevent the federal funding of abortions.

67 million Catholic voters can be heard --- but only if you sign up and act.

The Action Alerts are not onerous -- perhaps an email per month at most while the legislature is in session.  The Action Alerts take less than 5 minutes -- a few clicks of the mouse and your letter is automatically sent to your own legislators.  The CLN does not take a position on every single piece of legislation: just those with moral implications.

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