Saturday, June 18, 2011

First Fridays for Food Security

US Bishops Challenge: First Fridays for Food Security.  
On every first Friday for a year, eat meals that cost only as much as is allotted for a family of your size who would be on food stamps.  You will probably discover a big gap between the actual cost of your normal meals and the budget available using food stamps.  Your efforts may require a partial fast, and be a spiritual sacrifice.  Participating in this First Friday fast can help you be open to the Holy Spirit and walk in solidarity with all those for whom access to adequate, nutritious food is difficult.  Learn the details on Facebook (First Fridays for Food Security) or

Why Do Catholics Fast? 
“Voluntary fasting from food creates in us a greater openness to God's Spirit and deepens our compassion for those who are forced to go without food. The discomfort brought about by fasting unites us to the sufferings of Christ. Fasting should bring to mind the sufferings of all those for whom Christ suffered.”   -- United States Catholic Bishops, Penitential Practices for Today’s Catholics, 2000

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