Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Children's Book Review: "Care for Creation" by Christy Baldwin

I was recently given the opportunity to review this new children's book, "Care for Creation" by Christy Baldwin from Tribute Books.

This is a delightful book that clearly explains how caring for God's creation is our job as Christians. Each page has a clear description about some aspect of caring for the environment, a Bible verse, and an illustration of children caring for creation. The book gives practical suggestions that families and children can do, e.g. use less water, clean up a local park, recycle.

My guess is that this book is for about age 8-12, but can benefit younger and older. Parents, I'll leave it to you. This book would also work well for children's "Sunday School" or faith formation classes -- it has activities and discussion questions at the end.

The Bible verses come from a paraphrase translation called "The Message" described on Wikipedia ( or you can google "The Message Bible Paraphrase". This idiomatic paraphrase should be very easy for children to understand, but you may also want to look up the verses in the New American Bible translation (used at Masses in the USA) to compare.

To learn more about Catholic Social Teaching and specifically Caring for God's Creation, see the website of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops: scroll down -- caring for creation is the seventh theme of Catholic Social Teaching.


  1. Debbie - thank you so much for sharing CARE FOR CREATION with the readers of your blog. We appreciate your support of the book. I'm glad that you enjoyed it and for providing so many helpful links in your post.

    Merry Christmas,
    Tribute Books

  2. Debbie - Thanks for blogging a review of this book. I am so excited to hear that you liked it. I want to let your readers know that I am hosting a contest for all bloggers. Contact me at with at least one idea of how you plan to use the book with your family or students and I will put your name in a drawing for a free autographed copy of the book.