Wednesday, June 23, 2010

iCatholicRadio -- The Station of the Cross!

iCatholicRadio is a mobile service of The Station of the Cross, a not-for-profit Catholic Radio Network that exists in order to effectively evangelize through radio programming.

We strive to proclaim
the Truth revealed in the person of Jesus Christ,
handed on by the power of the Holy Spirit,
through the Magisterium of the Catholic Church,
for the past 2,000 years,
and now laid out for us in the Catechism.

I just learned about this today, and at a glance, it looks faithful and informative. They are starting a drive to consecrate the world to Jesus through Mary! Praise God!

Looks like they have three podcasts in iTunes:
  • Calling All Catholics
  • Divine Mercy in My Soul
  • The Station of the Cross: Various Talks
I plan to download these and try them out. If you listen and can recommend them (or not), let me know!

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