Monday, March 1, 2010

US Bishops Have Great Podcasts

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has produced some terrific Catholic podcasts. Kudos to the Catholic Communication Campaign (CCC). Below I am giving the titles as they appear on iTunes and the URL for the homepage.

American Catholic Radio
, -- a light-hearted show produced in conjunction with the Franciscans, providing facts of faith, answers from listeners, stories of Catholics living their faith, and some reflection time. A terrific and easy way to know your faith so you can grow in your faith.

Catholic Radio Weekly
-- Catholic news from around the world, Vatican news, what Catholic Charities USA and Catholic Relief Services are doing, how regular Catholics are living their faith. Very professionally done.

Lenten Radio Retreat,
-- A relaxing 30 minutes for you to reflect on the Gospel of the week.

Lino at Large
-- For young adults and anyone who wants some energy and fun! Tackles challenging topics like how to live our faith in the 21st century. Upbeat and light.

Personally Speaking with Msgr Jim Lisante
-- Monsignor Lisante interviews famous Christians from sports, film, the arts, politics -- people who are great role models and are living their discipleship. I loved the show with Tony Orlando (the 1970's pop star) -- did you know the Orlando family had a disabled child that brought love and light to the whole family?

Daily Readings from the New American Bible
-- Don't have time to read the Bible? Think again! A variety of voices read the daily Mass readings; the Sunday readings have really great choirs and soloists doing the Psalm of the day. They post an entire month at a time. March should be up by the end of today.

A "podcast" is just like a radio show, but distributed online, you can listen whenever you choose, and you can easily hear previous episodes. You can listen from the web page, download to your portable mp3 device, subscribe via iTunes, or write to an audio CD.

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