Sunday, December 13, 2009

“Among Women” Celebrates the beauty and grace of Catholic Faith and Life among women

I just listened to an episode of the relatively new podcast, "Among Women", and found it very informative, enriching and worthwhile.

Here is a description from the Among Women website (

Goal and Mission: “Among Women” celebrates the beauty and grace that women experience in their Catholic Faith and Life. They hope this “faith-sharing” program will be "faith building" . . . inspiring women in their call to holiness by drawing closer to Christ and the Catholic Church, by living lives of prayer and loving service.

Pat Gohn hosts this program featuring two segments:
(1) “Blessed Are They”, a reflection focusing on faithful women who have gone before us . . . those saints and sages who bring inspiration for Christian life. (2) “Among Women,” features conversations with contemporary women from all walks of life.

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