Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Shopping Tip: Recycle Plastic Bags & Use Reusable Canvas Bags

California spends $25 million annually to landfill discarded plastic bags. You can help!

As you do your Christmas shopping, the California Integrated Waste Management Board recommends that we:

(1) Use reusable canvas or cloth bags.

(2) Say "No thank you." Not all items require a bag.

(3) Recycle! California requires large supermarkets or pharmacies to offer free recycling of plastic bags. How about your state or community?

(4) Reuse them. They make great waste basket liners and bags to take to the local farmers' market. What are your ideas?

(5) Tell a friend about the importance of recycling.

The California Integrated Waste Management Board has great holiday waste reduction tips anyone around the USA or around the world can use:

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